Review: Legends of Tomorrow 5×03 Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me

by Tony Farina
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Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me”

Meet the LegendsDirector: David Geddes

Writer: Ray Utarnachitt

Starring: Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Tala Ashe, Jes Macallan, Courtney Ford, Amy Louise Pemberton, Nick Zano, Dominic Purcell, Matt Ryan, Olivia Swann,  Shayan Sobhian

Reviewer: Tony Farina



Legends of Tomorrow “Miss Me Kiss Me Love Me” follows our time traveling band of malcontents to 1947 where Bugsy (he prefers to be called Benjamin) Siegel has been sent back from the dead by Astra. Is she doing it to just taunt Constantine? Most likely. Sara, Ray, John, Ava and Mick go to the past to fix that problem. Meanwhile, Nate and Behrad to go the future to visit B’s family as it is his dad’s birthday. In that moment, Nate comes face to face with Zari and he realizes time has robbed him. Family drama ensues.

Ava struggles with her new life as a person seemingly without purpose. Mick gets her drunk. She sings. No, really. She sings. It is pretty amazing actually. More on that below.

Legends of Tomorrow Miss Me Kiss Me Love Me


AVA SINGS! Holy crap. Two weeks ago, I mentioned on these very pages how I thought Jes Macallan was a star waiting to shine and this week, she is on full display. The evolution of Ava Sharpe is going really well. Considering she has been so tightly wound, suddenly having her as the comic relief is surprising, but fun. I know that Caity Lotz is a singer too, so is a duet coming soon? I can only say that I hope so.

Legends of Tomorrow Miss Me Kiss Me Love Me

The drama of Nate and Zari continues and Talia Ashe proves she has big range by playing a vapid, mindless, internet personality version of Zari. She is really good and the chemistry between them is excellent as well.

Matt Ryan reminds us again why he was born to play Constantine. The running gag that he never gets to smoke is funny. I don’t mind if they drag it out for a while.


Last week Charlie took the jump ship. I suspect there will be a standalone Charlie story, but I can not express enough how the show needs Maisie Richardson-Sellers. I suspect her absence is a work conflict, but I like it better when she is there. Gary was also missing and that is a shame. It seems Mona is off the show now, I did see Ramona Young in a Superbowl commercial, so good for her, but I am not sure if her departure is great. If Gary isn’t there and Ray is leaving soon, don’t we need a geek? Hmmm.


Legends of Tomorrow “Miss Me Kiss Me Love Me” is just as silly as it should be. The best thing about this show is that it doesn’t care about taking itself seriously. It is a demon chasing, time hoping, plot hole filled joy ride. Knowing that the Big Bad revolves around Constantine is smart. Cheers Love.

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