Lucifer Season Six: Can Netflix Pull That Off?

by Jay
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Lucifer season six has been floated around in spite of the planned fifth and final season on Netflix.

As fans recall, Lucifer had been cancelled by CBS following its third season. However, fan support and interest by Netflix ensured The Devil continued his stay in The City of Angels for a 10-episode fourth season in May 2019. It was then increased to a fifth season with 16 in May of this year. Further, it had been announced the fifth season to be the series’ last.

But what are the chances that Lucifer could find a sixth renewal? Would series lead Tom Ellis be interested? He certainly returned to the role with passion that matched the fanbase’s uphill battle to bring it back. It seems both he and his character are not without their share of surprises. No one expected Lucy to make a cameo appearance in the CW crossover adaptation of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Although brief, his role in the story enabled the soul of Oliver Queen to meet Jim Corrigan to become The Spectre. Further, his interaction with John Constantine established brief history between the two. His surprise inclusion cemented the canonization of the show’s reality – Earth 616 – as part of the DC multiverse.

At the time of the show’s renewal, Ellis had been overwhelmed by the #SaveLucifer campaign. “Since doing Lucifer,” he had said, “I’ve done press in various parts of the world, and I’m fully aware that this show was much more popular than it had been deemed on Fox [. So] I’m not surprised about people being angry. I just wasn’t ready [for this] tsunami of love that came with it.

There is currently no release date for the fifth season of Lucifer on Netflix, but will bet divided up into chunks of eight on a two-night event.

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