DCN’s Blood Bash 2020 Recap And Gallery

by Eric Joseph
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If any event was proof positive of how it’s important to experience various kinds of conventions, it was most certainly the latest installment of Blood Bash. Once again taking place in the Commonwealth Commerce Center in Jackson, Michigan, this weekend’s festivities were some I’ll truly never forget.

Since this is the first time I’m sharing coverage of this particular con with DCN’s audience, I’ll bring those unfamiliar up to speed. Basically, Blood Bash is a horror convention and film festival put together by the very same organizers behind MeggaXP. Truth be told, this celebration of the macabre may have become the more popular of the two, and that speaks volumes about the dedication of fans to the genre.

As one would figure, the showroom floor was populated by vendors, crafters and indie publishers. Although a copy of Sinister still eludes me, I was still able to add a couple movies to my collection – House on Haunted Hill and Resident Evil: Retribution – after carefully combing through whatever was there. And big thanks go to A to Zochowski Arts for the sweet Joker artwork.

Like I said earlier, the film festival aspect of this show is a huge drawing point. In fact, I think that’s why a fair amount of people flock to Blood Bash. Those who did venture over to the screening room were treated to a numerous amount of recently released horror flicks from around the globe, both short and feature-length.

For the most part, I stick to the shorts because I prefer not being away from the showroom for too long, but I did check out Rottentail when it came to something of greater duration. Since I often talk to screen and comic book writer David C. Hayes at these kinds of shindigs, I made it a point to take in the live action adaptation of his brainchild. If you get the opportunity, then follow suit. The General’s silhouette will haunt you.

A to Zochowski Arts
Source Point Press

As for the shorts, I did carve out some time to view a few blocks of those. It amazes me how filmmakers are able to tell well-rounded tales in such a truncated amount of time, and on limited budgets. But hey, they manage to pull it off. In the eyes of this critic, Mr. Mops, Off Fleek, The Rejected and Possessions were the standouts. Again, I didn’t watch everything being exhibited, so no disrespect is meant to any award winners not mentioned.

Like I always say whenever I recap an event put together by James Seagraves, the after-parties are half the reason I show up. The guy knows how to have fun, and to cater to whatever sort of crowd is there at the time. After the cosplay and Scream Queen contests, I was one of many pleased to hear some metal played from his DJ booth. In fact, he was gracious enough to let me sing Rammstein’s “Buck Dich” and Pantera’s “Walk.” I may have been a one-man act (though with an assist from Eric Fellows on “Walk”), but the enthusiastic metalheads looking on made me feel like a rock star.

Suffice it to say, this was the most fun I’ve had during a trip to Jackson since MeggaXP 2. Speaking of which, MeggaXP 6 has been scheduled for August 22nd at the very same venue. So, if you feel like taking part in a similar type of show geared toward video game and comic book culture, then be sure to mark your calendar. Blood Bash, meanwhile, is most likely to return sometime in February of 2021. Until then, dig the cosplayers and exhibitors pictured in the accompanying gallery.

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