Steve Orlando, Tom Taylor Join ‘Aquaman Giant’ #3

aquaman giant #3

Coming right on the heels of Aquaman Giant #2, DC has unveiled the contents of March’s #3.

aquaman giant #3

Current Wonder Woman writer Steve Orlando with join artists V Ken Marion and Sandu Florea for the lead story, “Tempest.” DC’s description reads as follows:

“Aquaman and Tempest race to stop an enraged monster that has escaped its magical tomb under the city of New York.”

Following that will be a new a 8-page story from writer Tom Taylor and artist Pop Mhan, where Aquaman and Mera team up to foil Lex Luthor’s plan of drilling into the ocean floor.

The 100 pager will also reprint these stories: “Throne of Atlantis Chapter 2,” from Aquaman #15 (2013); “The Enemy of My Enemy,” from Mera: Queen of Atlantis #3 (2017); and, “Blood of the Manta Chapter 1” from Teen Titans #9 (2018).

Look for Aquaman Giant #3 in stores March 11.

Kevin Sharp

From alternating Batman & Green Lantern as childhood Halloween costumes, to getting punched in my adolescent heart by Love & Rockets, to playing convention sidekick to the legendary Len Wein, the comics medium and characters feel like a part of my DNA.