‘Aquaman Giant’ #2: The Sea Devils Return

by Kevin Sharp
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DC has revealed the contents of their latest 100 Page comic: January’s Aquaman Giant #2. The book will include the return of the Sea Devils, the team of underwater adventurers who debuted back in 1961; they were last featured — in mutated form — in 1997’s Tangent: Sea Devils.

Aquaman Giant


The new contents of the Aquaman Giant are:

* “Sea Devils,” a 16-page story by Michael Grey, Aaron Lopresti, and Matt Ryan

Aquaman and the Sea Devils team up to stop a group of polluters-and a radioactive creature from the deep!

* “Worth,” an 8-page story by Dave Wielgosz, Jose Luis, and Adriano di Benedetto

Aqualad fights off a surprise attack from the Electrocutioner!

The issue also includes these reprint stories:

* “Throne of Atlantis part one,” from Justice League #15 (2013)
* “The King and the Queen,” from Mera: Queen of Atlantis #2 (2018)
* “The Rise of Aqualad part two,” from Teen Titans #7 (2017)

Aquaman Giant #2 washes up in stores January 8.

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