A Massive World Rumored For New Batman Game

by Jay
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A massive world has allegedly been promised for the next Batman game.

The last installment – Batman: Arkham Knight – proved such an endeavour was possible. The Gotham City delivered was a beautifully textured and diverse landscape. Be it gliding with a memory cloth cape or tearing up the blocks with the Batmobile, Bat-fans were satisfied. It visually embraced the evil that would make a Batman not only possible, but necessary.

In the now-cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game, however, the landscape was to go further in scope.

What Is Meant By A Massive World?

“Gotham City was supposed to be [a massive world] in the Damian game, ” GWW’s James Sigfield tweeted. “[It’s] a safe assumption that this one will at least be a little bigger.”

The one he’s referring to is the next game promised by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, which shall be a minor reboot. With the open-endedness of the end of Arkham Knight, it would be forgivable.

The conclusion of the last game – the penultimate chapter in a four-part game series by Rocksteady games – ended with big bad Scarecrow exposing Bruce Wayne’s identity. Following his defeat, Batman initiated the “Knightfall” protocol that saw Wayne Manor demolished with him and Alfred inside. The final scene takes place a year later, with muggers attacked by a demonic Batman displaying Scarecrow’s fear toxin effects.

Aside from the promise of a larger, free-roam environment, there are no further details on the project. What can fans expect? Who will be the voice cast? More as it develops.

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