McFarlane Toys Rolling Out Arkham Asylum And White Knight Batman Figures This Year

by Eric Joseph
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Although it’s sad to see Mattel losing the DC Comics license after years of making such great-looking action figures, you can’t complain about McFarlane Toys now running with the torch. That brand’s sterling reputation precedes itself, as I’ve been known to collect their Metal Gear Solid and Matrix-related stuff in the past. So, to see them handling some of my favorite comic book characters does instill me with confidence.

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve already picked up a DC-inspired McFarlane toy since the first wave of their Multiverse figures have arrived in stores. So far, I’ve purchased Batman (Detective Comics #1000) and DC TV’s Green Arrow, with no intention of stopping there.

Later this year, said manufacturer will put out a handful of more figures based off the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game and Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: White Knight series of comic books. Peruse the gallery below for your first look at these beauties.

As you can see, Batman and the Joker will be there to represent the video game side of things, whereas Batman, GTO Joker and Azrael (from Curse of the White Knight) will immortalize Murphy’s aforementioned magnum opus.

Right now, I can guarantee you that I’ll lay down some money on Arkham Asylum Batman, because not only does the figure look incredible, but also because I love the Arkham franchise beyond what words are capable of describing. My only regret is that Catwoman isn’t joining the party, but you never know what’s being planned for the future.

Stay tuned to DC Comics news while we wait for an official street date.

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