Review: Looney Tunes #254

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Looney Tunes #254


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Sholly Fisch, Bill Matheny

Artist: Dave Alvarez

Colors:  David Tanguay

Letters:  Gabriela Downie, Tom Orzechowski


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



Three Looney Tunes tales accompany this issue that celebrate vacations…the reason we all work so hard!

In Picture Imperfect, Elmer Fudd is out to shoot some animals, only he’s not hunting-he’s working as a nature photographer for a famous magazine. But when Daffy finds out that he’s more interested in capturing a photo of a “wabbit” than a certain handsome duck, Elmer’s job is going to get a lot more challenging.

Art Attack has Wile E. Coyote in another failed scheme in capturing the Road Runner.

Finally, in Neither Fudd Nor Fowl,  Daffy is trying to eliminate Bugs Bunny by opening up a Rabbit Hunting School.  But as Daffy soon learns, a pupil like Elmer Fudd may not be picking up on Daffy’s lesson plans.


All three stories are poignant in both the story telling, the humor, and the art!  Comics, such as Looney Tunes, are a staple for my age group in that we grew up on these as Saturday morning programs.  And it is great that DC  is making sure that this mainstay is up front among young readers.

Parents will like the jokes and the easy to read stories.  Kids will enjoy that the stories are at their level as well as introduce them to a bit of slapstick comedy.  Not to mention the art is easily traceable, and that inspires cartoonists for a future generation.


Three solid stories seem to be the formula that works, and provides the bang for the buck you spend on a comic like this.

Bugs Bunny’s “costume changes” to thwart his opponents are stuck in the 1960’s.  While that might not be lost on parents, it certainly is on current readers interested in Wonder Comics.  Bugs and the Looney Tunes gang may need to have a bit of a background overhaul to 2020.


Looney Tunes is back on track as there are three separate stories that place their main characters in all three stories and provide that dry humor we have all come to enjoy.  A bit adversarial on all three stories, but that’s the throw back to slap stick humor we all need!


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