“Joker War” Is On The Horizon

The “The Clown Price of Crime” is coming back in full force following the conclusion of the Year of the Villain crossover event and he is not holding back.


Joker War starts in May in Batman #95 but the lead-up will begin in the upcoming weeks and spill over to the pages of Nightwing, Batgirl and Detective Comics.

Joker War

Batman #89 has headed back for a third printing.  This edition has been so popular due to the arrival of The Jokers new sidekick, Punchline.

Nightwing #70 has also gone back to print with preorders of the book ahead of its March 18th release and will have a second print coming out on April 1st.

Nightwing #70 is also the prelude to Joker War and shows the Clown Price of Crime begin his major plot against Ric Grayson and promises to be full of surprises.

The Joker War begins…

Batman #96

Batman #96, on sale on June 3, has Batman on the run in Gotham following the worst attack of Joker toxin ever.  As Batman tries to escape his horrible past and troubling present as the Joker’s plan comes to life. In all of this chaos only one person can save Batman from the depths of his ever growing madness, Harley Quinn.

Batman #97, on sale June 17th, shows The Joker’s army growing by the minute and are armed with weapons not even The Joker can understand.  Batman must hand on to his ever deteriorating mental strength in order to try to save Gotham once and for all.  As The Joker’s carnage hits a fever pitch, Catwoman is waiting in the shadows with a rogue army of her own.

Nightwing #73, on sale June 17th, has Batman’s prize pupil on the ropes and worst of all, it’s because the Joker knows that Ric Grayson is Nightwing.  What Joker has planned is beyond Batman’s worst fears. Nightwing is under mind control of Punchline and he must face-off against Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood and even himself.

Batgirl #48, on sale June 24th, begins a new story arc from Cecil Castellucci and shows the Gordon family at their most vulnerable as Barbara must reveal the traumas of her Batgirl life to her father.  James Gordon Jr is back in Gotham and unleashes hell on his family with the help of his new ally, The Joker

Detective Comics #1024, on sale June 24th, helps brings about the conclusion of Joker War with the swan song of Harvey “Two Face” Dent.  The Joker has been the puppet master behind the torment of Harvey but finally Dent will find a way to free himself but first, a major battle between Batman and Two Face will reach a shocking conclusion that will keep readers talking for years to come.

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