First Look | BATMAN #93

by JC Alvarez
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There’s a war brewing and The Joker is going to get the last laugh when he delivers on his greatest punchline yet! In this “First Look” at the upcoming Batman #93 which is spiraling closer towards this summer’s “The Joker War” arc!

The plot to take down the Dark Knight and ruin the Bat-Family has been in the making for years! It’s been the focus of a new arch-nemesis of Gotham City who calls himself “The Designer” and as his scheme comes to a massive climax int he penultimate chapter of the “Their Dark Designs” arc Batman #93 by James Tynion IV leads straight into the diabolical depths of “The Joker War”! In this “First Look” check out the battle royale between Harley Quinn and the Joker’s new main squeeze Punchline!

Here’s your “First Look” at Batman #93:

It’s going to be a banner year for the Batman’s ultimate bad-guy as the Clown Prince of Crime celebrates a milestone. Writer James Tynion IV has also indicated that he’s working on a story with Mikel Janin for the upcoming Joker 80th Anniversary Special that will reveal the origins of Punchline.

Batman #93 Variant Cover
Batman #93 Variant Cover

Batman #93 is written by James Tynion IV with art by Guillem March, Javier Fernandez, Tomeu Morey, and David Baron. Cover by Tony S. Daniel. The issue hits newsstands on April 15, 2020, and will retail for $4.99.

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