Arrowverse Return Dates Revealed

by Eric Joseph
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If you’ve been keeping current with the Arrowverse, then you’re well aware of how The CW has had to shuffle and re-shuffle its prime time lineup in recent weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Long story short, the outbreak has caused countless movies and TV shows to shut down production, therefore networks will have to make do with whatever finished content they have at their disposal.

As such, The CW has pushed back completed episodes of various series, airing reruns in the meantime – though an encore presentation of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” coming next week is much appreciated. And as it happens, we know when new Arrowverse adventures will commence: The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow will return on Tuesday, April 21st, with Batwoman and Supergirl bringing up the rear on Sunday, April 26th.

According to DC TV News, The Flash and Batwoman have filmed roughly 19 of their planned 22 episodes, with Supergirl having been forced to shut down during its 20th episode/season finale. Legends of Tomorrow, meanwhile, had already been confirmed to wrap its own filming earlier this year.

The outlet did put it out there that Supergirl could possibly have enough material filmed to where episode 20 could be edited together as a coherent finale. In my view, the producers should go with this option if at all possible because lead actress Melissa Benoist is now pregnant – and nobody knows when cameras will be able to roll again.

Getting back to Tuesday nights, Stargirl will assume The Flash‘s 8pm time slot on May 19th, when the Scarlet Speedster runs out of new episodes of his own. All we can do is hope that The Flash and Batwoman – and quite possibly Supergirl – can resume production as soon as possible so that we’re not left hanging for too long.

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