Jim Lee To Auction Off Sketches

Jim Lee is the sole publisher for DC Comics.  Jim Lee is the man who makes all of the important decisions when it comes to DC Comics, including distribution.  This week, Jim Lee made the decision to move forward and speed up timelines for digital distribution and direct print-to-home delivery of new books.

Enter the comic book stores who are now at a major disadvantage as it pertains to distribution and sales of books when the nationwide quarantine ends and life gets back to normal.

In short, comic book retailers are not happy.

Now, DC Publisher Jim Lee has decided to try to make this right by doing what he does best, draw superheroes.

Lee has decided to begin sketching again and this time he is auctioning off the sketches and donating the money to a different comic book store every, single day.

Jim Lee is using his powers for good

This “olive branch” will continue every day for the next two months. 60 sketches in 60 days.

Lee took to his Instagram to promote his good deeds.

Jim Lee sketch

“Nightwing! Here’s a chance to get some original art and do something good during these unprecedented times.  I’ll be drawing and posting 60 different sketches-one a day over the next two months which I will then be auctioning off with all the proceeds going to different random brick and mortar stores.  High bidder of each sketch gets to pick the next DC character I draw for the very next sketch! No character to be repeated! PLEASE DO NOT BID NOW. Will start officially this Wednesday (4/1) but just wanted to give all of you who want to participate a heads up. #sketchingathome #notanaprilsfoolsjoke #DCcharactersonly”

Interested in bidding on some Jim Lee originals?  See Jim Lee’s Instagram account now for more and stay glued to DC Comics News for more information.

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