Review: DCeased: Unkillables #2

by Carl Bryan
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Review: DCeased: Unkillables #2

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Karl Mostert

Letters: Saida Temofonte

Colors: Rex Lokus  


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“None of them are children….they are a virus” – Bane

With the world ending around them, Red Hood and Batgirl take shelter in the most unlikely place: an orphanage full of children! Will they be able to protect the kids from the impending hordes of the infected streaming out of Gotham City and Blüdhaven? And elsewhere, Deathstroke, Vandal Savage, and some of DC’s worst villains battle the apocalypse out as an “Anti-Suicide Squad.” But a certain wondrous woman may not let them have it their own way! The Batman is trapped in the most dangerous house in Gotham City, trying to protect Commissioner Gordon from a secret army out to kill anyone involved in the justice system. The war on the law has only just begun.

This is the second installment of DCeased Unkillables. 


Tom Taylor does a great job in weaving quite an apocalyptic tale that is in its second act.

There are some points where it is Walking Dead super hero edition, but Jim Gordon working with Red Hood and Batgirl (aka Cassandra Cain aka Lady Shiva’s daughter) is a pretty intense team.  

While we are accustomed to Gordon working with Bruce and Barbara, its a new world out there for heros…especially with this zombie (no other term comes to mind) world.  

Gordon is becoming more and more like the Governor in Walking Dead…keeping zombies behind walls.  Who does  that?  

Gordon has a team, and Vandal Savage has a team.  And the combination of the two could be quite formadable in this new world.  But as we see the story unfold, egos and old beefs continue to get in the way.  Just when we get to see Solomon Grundy like Baloo in Jungle Book with the orphans.

Vandal Savage dissecting his own people…Love that we get to see the Creeper again.  That was one of those villains that really needed to be used again.  But with his instant healing properties akin to Deathstroke’s, it is obvious why Savage wants to find out what makes these two tick.

Positives (more…)

Taylor gives us a love story…well almost between Jason Todd and Rose Wilson aka Deathstrok’s daughter.

And Mirror Master…what a great strategy to get people evacuated.  But its only good when it all works out!


The big three..the trinity of super heroes is out in this tale… but that doesn’t hurt it one bit.  But the art has a different feel to it.  The heads are a bit “flatter” in Karl Mostert‘s renderings.  His work is akin to some independent comic artists who are just breaking into their style.  There is an openness to his work that is akin to a coloring book style.  


This is quite a series and one in which will be a great stand alone trade paperback.  This second issue sets up quite an apocalyptic nightmare and questions as to how are they going to survive?  After all, the Creeper and DeathStroke can’t be the cure to this…or can they?


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