Review: Justice League Dark #21


[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Ram V & James Tynion IV

Artists: Alvaro Martinez Bueno and Raul Fernandez

Colorist: June Chung

Letterer: Rob Leigh


Reviewed by: Sean Blumenshine



Rot ‘n’ roll! Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp, and special guest star Animal Man fend off a horde of monstrous Rot-infected creatures-but risk contamination with every soul they save! Meanwhile, Zatanna and Constantine discover the secret of the Parliaments in an estranged ally’s dreams, but there they find no lullabies-only nightmares!


The art is really strong. There are different vibes for the different worlds. It all manages to look distinct while still feeling consistent. And June Chung’s colors are gorgeous; there’s a lot of vibrancy. There’s a full page of Zatanna that towards the end of the issue that is really cool.

This story of Abigail being trapped is really interesting. There’s a genuine horror element to it that I like a lot. It’s very creepy. Her memories are being twisted and malformed. I am curious to see how what’s happening to her ties into the zombie outbreak.

Constantine and Zatanna have a very fun dynamic. Ram V’s script is very strong; I like the dialogue a lot. It fits the tone well. There’s a fun weirdness to the story. The creative team embraces the whole bizarre nature of this team and premise.Additionally, I think Ram V effectively introduces the lore elements. It always feels natural; it’s never intrusive. I feel immersed in the world but the story still comes first.


I don’t love the cover. The colors are nice but it’s not quite detailed enough for me.

I wish there was a little more Wonder Woman. She’s the character that is the most out of place in the this group. Everyone else is a weird character with a darker edge. Diana is a hopeful and optimistic superhero; she’s one of the big three. Her presence adds a lot of fun. But she’s mostly used for action. She’s here because she can punch things really well and I’d like to see a little bit more in future issues.


This is a great issue. The script is really strong with a compelling narrative and fun dialogue. The art is dynamic with a lot of different styles and points of view. I loved reading the issue.


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