DC Digital Comic Releases For April 7-8

As you more than likely know by now, DC – and every other comic book publisher, for that matter – have had to suspend shipping their regular titles until after this COVID-19 crisis cools off a bit and comic shops are able to reopen. Right now, DC has given April 29th as the tentative date for their resuming normal operations – but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they have to push that back, should governors extend stay-at-home orders in various states.

Those looking for their digital fix will at least have some titles from which to choose this week. Releasing today, April 7th, are a variety of collected editions, which you can find listed below (per Newsarama):

The original YA graphic novel Gotham High and collections of Batman: Last Knight on Earth, Freedom Fighters: Rise Of A Nation, Justice League Of America: A Celebration Of 60 Years, Swamp Thing By Nancy Collins Omnibus, Transmetropolitan Book Three, and Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Love Is A Battlefield.

Batman Last Knight on Earth

And here are the digital first series and reprints on tap for Wednesday, April 8th:

The digital-first Teen Titans Go! To Camp #7, a facsimile edition of Detective Comics #327 and reprints of The Witching Hour #1, 1st Issue Special #9, Black Magic #5, House Of Mystery #205, Eclipso #4, The Spectre #5, Super Friends #5 and Sun Devils #10.

Stay tuned to DC Comics News for more regarding upcoming digital releases, and the inevitable “all clear” as to when physical comic books can begin shipping yet again.

Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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