J.K. Simmons Dishes On Commissioner Gordon in Snyder Cut of “Justice League”

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J.K. Simmons who portrayed Commissioner James Gordon in 2017’s Justice League, is the latest to discuss the long-awaited Snyder Cut.

J.K. Simmons on “Synder Cut”: What Can Fans Expect?

Since the announcement of Zack Snyder’s long-demanded version scheduled to debut in 2021 on HBO Max, social media has exploded. As fans remember, Snyder had to withdraw from the director’s chair to deal with a personal tragedy. Joss Whedon then took the reins and, unfortunately, delivered a vision that deviated too strongly from Zack’s. The film had received negative reviews and convinced Warner Media to suspend – if not kill – the shared universe in favor of standalone DC projects. The only film franchises that have survived the purge are Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman. However, in recent years, the voice demanding Zack’s vision grew louder until finally it was  heard. As the result, Snyder has full backing to deliver what would have been what hit theaters. J.K. Simmons only appeared in ten minutes of footage in the film, albeit in key scenes. The actor gave insight into the process that led to the finalization of this project. Largely, it involved checking with his original League members.

“I did talk to Zack, yeah, ” J.K. Simmons confirmed in a recent interview. “He had to get everyone’s permission to actually even do that, you know? And by everybody, I mean the cast. So, yeah, we chatted a couple of times and I don’t know that there’s gonna be significantly more Commissioner Gordon. There was a little bit more that we shot that wasn’t in the [theatrical release,] so I don’t know. I’m anxiously awaiting as all fans are.”

What has also be established is the fact that there will be no reshoots whatsoever. Further, this will not be the relaunch of the shared universe. What will debut on HBO Max will be the compilation of footage Snyder shot himself with top-of-the-line special effects bringing to life the key figure missing from the theatrical cut: Darkseid. At best, it will show fans what might have been. It is very much in the same vein as Richard Donner’s cut of Superman II, only with more money behind it.

In related news, Superman actor Henry Cavill has been confirmed to return to the role of The Man of Steel in future WB films. However, it remains to be seen in what capacity we will see his Superman since the shared universe approach has been abandoned.

J.K. Simmons, meanwhile, will be busy returning to the role of J. Jonah Jameson in future Spider-Man films for the MCU.

There is no definitive release date as of yet for Justice League: The Snyder Cut.


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