Review: Detective Comics #1022

by Matthew Lloyd
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Review: Detective Comics #1022

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]


Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Art: Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessey

Colors: Brad Anderson

Letters: Rob Leigh


Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd


Two-Face attempts to baptize Batman into his Church, but the Dark Knight Detective escapes and discovers another figure who’s affected Harvey.  And it’s no Joke!


This continues to be an interesting and exciting exploration of Two-Face’s psyche.  The reveal at the end certainly frames everything in a different light, but the journey there is still enjoyable.  And, nothing’s written in stone yet!  This entire story arc has approached Harvey’s split personality in a unique way.  Detective Comics #1022 continues this as one of its themes.  Very few comics attempt to dive this deep into the workings of a character’s mind, let a lone one as damaged as Harvey Dent.  

Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessey turn in another formidable job on the art.  it’s an approach that carries a weight and heaviness that fits the Batman.  It feels real!  They are also able to move between moods and express the different situations in the story.  Batman’s compassion is evident when he confronts a widow of one of Harvey’s henchmen.  The story expresses the range of the Batman’s emotions similarly.  Batman lets the widow who’s husband was a victim, keep the money they got from Harvey’s scheme.

Finally, there’s an overall feel to Detective Comics that is not only welcomed, but needed.  It’s hard not to repeat myself (when under stress), but the classic nature of Tomasi’s run on Detective is more satisfying than other status quo changing events.  Especially, when it utilizes the characters so effectively.

Lastly, Tomasi has peppered the dialogue with some musical references, mostly obscure.  However, they got me!  This was a fun and clever aspect that spoke to one of my other loves- music.  Brain Salad Surgery, indeed!


There’s not really a negative for this issue.  There is however a FEAR.  The new information on the internal workings of Harvey’s mind may be due to the influence of a third party.  This is only troublesome because the main idea is So good, oh so good.  And, therefore, the initial genius of the concept may come undone.  However, in the larger picture, it does mitigate Harvey’s guilt by having this third party be the prime mover.  Thus, leaving Harvey as that tragic character still with the possibility of redemption.


If you’ve been enjoying Tomasi on Detective, you know this is the real thing.  I’ve you’re still not sure…this is a fine issue to give a try!  The entire creative team show what they’re capable of in Detective Comics #1022.  The classic approach goes a long way, and the emphasis on character is superb!  It captures Batman, Gotham and its denizens in a meaningful, emotive and timeless manner!

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