DC and Diamond Extend Their Contract Temporarily

by Jay
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DC and Diamond Distributions are not divorcing…right away.

Rather, DC Entertainment and Diamond have agreed to extend their relationship beyond the announced June 23rd separation. Specifically, this means reorders of in-stock comic periodicals previously offered through July 31st. This can allow retailers to order with a final cut-off June 1st through mid-December Further, this allows comic retailers to reorder back issues prior to June 23 for DC fans with an itch to scratch. For UK retailers, this extension will allow them to order new and backlist titles till the end of 2020.

Steve Geppi, chairman and CEO of Diamond’s parent company Geppi Family Enterprises, offered this press release: “The recovery of our retail partners is of utmost to DC as stores reopen amid many challenges. [With] respect for our long partnership DC Comics, we are happy to work on a smooth transition.”

At the start of the pandemic, Diamond Distributions suspended operations in late March until it was safe to resume in late May. In between, DC had opted to sever ties with Diamond and distribute their inventory via Direct Market. Whether this influenced Geppi to reopen Diamond is not clear. However, while these two are definitely going their separate ways, obligations come first.

DC offers recommendations for retailers in the following categories:

Eastern Canada, US, Europe, Middle East, and Africa – Place your orders through UCS

Western Canada, Latin America, and Asia Pacific Region (including New Zealand and Australia) – Place your orders through Lumar.


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