Generation Initiative: Dan DiDio Speaks Out

by David Rasmussen
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Recently Gamesradar did an article on Dan DiDio, and what he had to say post DC on the 2020 event known as  Generation. To preface this? This article is in regard to the widely embraced theory as to what Generation will be. Presently it has been a commonly held believe that the Generation Initiative would create a almost Batman Beyond like reboot, with the present generation mentoring a new generation of heroes. With Aquaman and Mera presently having a child, and a rumored pregnancy for Catwoman ahead? That seems to be the premise we have to build on. A premise that is more speculation than facts to date, even now with what should have been months before the Generation Initiative hits, if memory serves.


Which brings us to the article by Gamesradar. Quoting an interview Dan DiDio did with Dan Shahin, on his YouTube show Comic Book News, Mr. DiDio discussed the Generation Initiative.


Note – As of this article Gamesradar says that the Generation Initiative may still come to pass, in some form, in the months ahead. Though how it will happen is not yet clear even in the article itself.

Dan DiDio

“It was a concept, an idea, a pitch that either will or won’t reach fruition — beats me. It’s something I was pushing forward. I had a number of meetings with editorial over an extended period of time. I actually presented it some of the retail base too, to see what their interest and input was.”


“A lot of times when I had a new huge initiative I tried to get as much consensus as possible. So I ran it past a lot of people for stress-testing. I had a lot of very strong, good, vocal retailers who would tell us what was right, what was wrong, help identify the landmines. So we were in the stages where we were moving it down the road when, ultimately, for me, it came to an end. At this point it’s in the hands of the people that made the decisions.”


While Dan DiDio did not go into any details about what the Generation Initiative would be, in regards to the commonly held belief that it would mean a new generation of heroes, on that he had a bit to say.

Dan DiDio

“I’ll tell you right now, it wasn’t that, it wasn’t even close to that.”

(This quote is in regard to interviewer Dan Shahin making a comparison between the Generation Initiative and the MARVEL NOW! initiative. An event which saw MARVEL’s biggest heroes replaced by new heroes.)

“The only thing I’ll say is, it was a long-term plan featuring a lot of the key, recognizable characters, and a long-term evolution over years that had been thought out.”


Note – The above does not dispute or deny rumors concerning Catwoman, nor about the whole Aquaman/Mera thing. It only says that it will not be what MARVEL NOW! was, no more and no less. Now as of this article there is no word, official or otherwise, stating when the Generation Initiative will happen. Ideally there was to be a series of generational one-shots, working to build up to the event in question. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those one-shots have not been released. Furthermore they have not been re-solicited, nor do they seem to be a priority for DC at present. As to when they will finally release, and the countdown to the Generation Initiative begins again remains to be seen.

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