Batman Beyond #44


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artists: Sean Chen, Sean Parsons

Colours: Chris Sotomayor

Letters: Travis Lanham


Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



Batman Beyond #44: Batman brings a wounded Damian Wayne to base, only to discover that Damian has been dethroned as leader of the League of Assassins and left for dead by a former acolyte of Ra’s Al Ghul’s called Mr. Zero! Batman, Bruce, and Damian will have to join forces to stop Mr. Zero from eradicating humanity!



There’s been a coup in the League of Assassins. A new villain named Mr. Zero has deposed Damian, nearly killing him in the process. To get Damian to safety, Terry has to fight his way through a throng of assassins intent on finishing the job.

During this fight, Terry remarks that he could use the assistance of Batwoman. While Elainna Grayon is not on her way to help this time, she is on her way to returning to the role of Batwoman. She and Barbara have gotten her father Dick to assent to her being Batwoman. And to help her do so, he takes them to the Batcave to recover a Batsuit Bruce had developed for Barbara. We don’t get to see it quite yet, but Elainna declares it to be perfect for her needs.

I am happy that Dick has come around to supporting Elainna’s choice to be Batwoman. Perhaps Terry will follow Dick’s example and reconsider letting his brother Matt be Robin to his Batman.

I noticed a nice little nod Batman history in Mr. Zero’s name. Mr. Zero was the original name of Mr. Freeze in his earlier appearances in the comics. He even appeared on the 1966 TV series under both names. However, the two character seem to have little else in common. I don’t think Jurgens is trying to imply any connection between them.

Batman Beyond #44

Positives Cont.

Jurgens introduces the intriguing idea that Bruce has been working on healing technology based on the Lazarus Pits of Ra’s Al Ghul. I can see how such tech would be extremely useful in the Batman’s war on crime. It also would have the potential to revolutionize the field of medicine.

But Bruce has a good reason not to share this technology with world. It still causes the initial fit of madness that Ra’s Al Ghul would suffer upon regeneration. We see Damian go through the same thing upon emerging from the recovery tank. Luckily Bruce was able to talk him down, as Damian is arguably a better fighter than anyone else present.

Again, Sean Chen and Sean Parsons have done a fantastic job at illustrating the characters and world of Batman Beyond. This is one of the best looking titles in DC’s lineup.



There isn’t really much to complain about in Batman Beyond #44 or for the series in general. It might be nice to see a bit more of Terry and Melanie’s romance, but I understand that recent events have put their love life on the back burner for the moment. I’m sure that Jurgens will get back to that in due time.

Batman Beyond #44



Batman Beyond #44 is another fine issue that demonstrates Jurgens’ skill as a writer, as well as the artistic talent of the two Seans. Under Jurgens’ care, this title has remained a worthy continuation of the Batman Beyond cartoon series.



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