The Flash Will Time Travel, Says Muschietti

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The Flash will indeed travel through time in his first solo film.


Although there is no script yet and actor Ezra Miller’s involvement is in question, The Flash director Andy Muschietti has confirmed time travel will factor in to the main plot.

“It’s a story of time travel, ” Andy recently explained in a radio interview. “[Barry Allen] travels back in time to try and save his mother. It is a spectacular action movie but it has a heart.”

The Flash Will Travel Through Time – Why is That Important?

This confirms speculation the influence of Flashpoint, the miniseries by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. Barry goes back in time to save his mother from The Reverse-Flash and accidentally creates a new timeline. In this timeline Superman is now a frail alien specimen, Thomas Wayne is Batman instead of a murdered Bruce and Atlantis is at war with Themyscira. The conclusion became a lead-in to DC’s “New 52,” later retconned in “DC Rebirth” and “Doomsday Clock.”

The story was also later adapted for an animated format entitled Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. That led to a dozen interconnected animated projects. The story was also adapted for the third season opener of the tv series, though not to the extent of the comic or the animated film.

However, the decision to focus on Flashpoint and not on Barry’s origin story leaves a lot of ground to cover. It will therefore be a challenge to establish an emotional connection between the audience and key characters like Iris. Further, after a lackluster debut as Barry Allen, Ezra Miller’s recent misconduct in public puts his future in that role in doubt. Even the rumor of Batman alum Michael Keaton returning to the cape and cowl in this film has been disproved.

Time will tell. May the Speed Force be with Muschietti!

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