Review: The Terrifics #30 (Final Issue)

by Derek McNeil
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Review: THE TERRIFICS #30 (Final Issue)

The Terrifics #30


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Artists: Sergio Davila, Vicente Cifuentes

Colours: Protobunker

Letters: Tom Napolitano


Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



The Terrifics #30: Sebastian Stagg and his council of cash have taken the Terrifics for a ride…but don’t count Michael Holt out just yet – that big brain of his still has a trick or two up its sleeve (it’s…brain sleeve? I guess? You get it.) But in the battle against mountains of cash, do a few good ideas stand a chance? Find out in the dramatic conclusion to the fight for Gateway City and for the Stagg fortune…not everyone will be walking away from this one in one piece (especially not whoever had to fight Lobo!)



While The Terrifics #30 is the series finale, it does wrap up the current storyline and hints at what the future might hold for the team. Mister Terrific has been showing up in Strange Adventures (which may or may not be in DCU continuity) and it’s possible that he might feature prominently feature in the long-rumoured Justice Society revival. So would he have time to devote to his eponymous team? I was afraid the that title might end with the Terrifics going their separate way.

This issue introduces a new base for the team, a flying compound named Terrific Island. It also seems that Michael has formalized the inclusion of his T-Council into the Terrifics by providing versions of their costumes in his signature black, white, and red colour scheme. These new costumes are beautifully depicted by Sergio Davila and Vicente Cifuentes. Although, it does seem somewhat strange for a colour-themed character like Blue Beetle to wear a costume completely devoid of any blue.

The Terrifics #30

Positives Cont.

I was pleased to see by Mister Terrific’s steadfast adherence to his moral code. He refused to use a weapon that was the only apparent solution to the current problem, because it might kill the Parasite as well. Even though the more pragmatic Silas Stone urged him to do this, he insisted on finding another solution. And of course, being Mister Terrific, he was able to come up with a viable alternative.

I liked the idea of Plas and Metamorpho merging together into a suit of battle armour for Mister Terrific. Even though they still bicker, the two malleable teammates work extremely well together, showing a high degree of teamwork.



I don’t really like the character of Lobo much, and I feel his inclusion in this story wasn’t really necessary. But at least he was depicted here as the villain he is and not a hero/antihero. The one benefit of this being the finale is that it guarantees that it’s his last appearance in the title.

However, the fact that this is the final issue is in itself a major negative. The Terrifics has been one of my favourite titles in the DC lineup. I don’t really fault DC for its cancellation. Unfortunately, The Terrifics never found the audience it deserves, so the sales figures made it difficult for DC to justify its continuation. And at least DC was generous enough to allow Gene Luen Yang to bring the title to a conclusion with three extra digital only issues instead of cancelling it in the middle of a story arc or forcing Yang to rush the ending.

The Terrifics #30



The Terrifics #30 is a fine send-off to the one of the best titles of the Rebirth era. I would have liked to see it last a lot longer, but it certainly outlasted the rest of the New Age of DC Heroes titles. Hopefully, when things return to normal for DC and the comics industry, DC will give The Terrifics another shot.


5outof5 DC Comics News


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