‘Black Adam’ Producer Drops A Few Movie Hints

by Kevin Sharp
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The Black Adam movie presentation at FanDome was greeted with overwhelmingly positive reaction, but soon followed by the news that star Dwayne Johnson has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Prior to that, Johnson’s longtime producing partner Hiram Garcia spoke to Collider about the project.

Here are some highlights (though information may have changed since his interview)…

On dealing with pandemic delays:

“COVID threw a curveball in a big way and readjusted everyone’s schedule, but I think the easiest way to look at it is it simply pushed the entire industry’s schedule a few months… We’re planning to pick back up with Black Adam some time first quarter next year and hoping to lock that all down soon.”

On the inclusion of the JSA:

“We are so excited to introduce the Justice Society, especially Hawkman who’s such a beloved character and one of those heroes who’s always meant so much to the DC universe… When you take a powerhouse like Black Adam and inject him into this DC cinematic universe you want to make sure you are putting characters around him that can really up the stakes. As DJ likes to say, the hierarchy of power in the DC universe really is going to change so Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher and Cyclone will have their hands full no matter how we choose to have them interact with Black Adam.”

On worldbuilding:

“There’s been multiple ongoing conversations on how everything will roll out and it’s very exciting for myself as a filmmaker but even more so as a fan. Unfortunately, I can’t speak to that too much because it is still in the works, but I can say that on our end we’re very focused on building out this world we’re creating with Black Adam and the JSA. Obviously Shazam exists in that universe along with many many other heroes and believe me when I say we have very big ambitions for all these characters and the story lines we want to take them through.”

As of now, Black Adam is still scheduled for a December 2021 release.

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