Image Comics Review: Coffin Bound #6

by Tony Farina
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Review: Coffin Bound #6

Coffin Bound #6


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Dan Watters

Artist: Dani

Colorist: Brad Simpson

Letterer: Aditya Bidikar


Reviewer: Tony Farina


LOVE HEARTS! FIST FIGHTS! ROTTEN FRUIT! Having put a price on her own head, Taqa has proven somewhat death-wish-ish. Now the city’s assassins are coming for her-killers of every shape and size with every philosophical delusion under the sun.


Coffin Bound #6 is a feast for the eyes. Dani is a brilliant artist and Brad Simpson steals the show. Yes, Watters is an amazing story teller, but sure, even he recognizes the fact that Dani and Simpson are so good, that his beautiful, beautiful words are sometimes rendered unnecessary.  Look below and don’t just gaze at the actions, look at the environment. Every paint splatter on the wall is done with care and intention.

However, Watters does write with such beautiful words. I love the dialogue in this book. I read it twice each month because I know I missed something.  Even with all of that, he still manages to create some of the most insightful characters. He has created an ugly, disgusting world, but we somehow manage to see ourselves in there too. I mean, who doesn’t spend time pondering the nature of things? Maybe we don’t all do it the same way as the characters in this book do, but each one of them has a very distinct set of beliefs and each one of them is willing to die for them. There is something about characters who have a code that is appealing. We don’t have to agree with the code, but we have to respect it.



Coffin Bound #6 is special. I don’t find fault with it. I know this book is not for everyone. That is the only problem. I am the audience, but a lot of people are not. That is OK. It is OK not to like this book. I just love it.



Coffin Bound #6 is simply stunning. Watters is telling a story that I am compelled to read. His writing style is uncanny. This is one of those books that makes me spend hours and hours after I am done reading it, thinking and thinking and thinking some more. I would not recommend reading it just before bed, because, you might as well brew a pot of coffee, you will not be sleeping.



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