“Dear Super-Villains” Cover And DC Kids FanDome!

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Dear Super-Villains now has a face, and young readers have an experience ahead of them September 12th.

Dear Super-Villains – How Is It Different and Who Is Involved?

DC Comics has unveiled the cover to the upcoming interactive graphic novel by writer Michael Northrop and Gustavo Duarte. Here is the synopsis for the follow-up to the creative team’s Dear Justice League:

How did Gorilla Grodd get so smart? Did Harley Quinn ever try a career in comedy? Why does Catwoman always lose to Batman? 

Each chapter highlights members of the Legion of Doom in a sympathetic way that is relatable to kids. But look closely and you may notice the baddies are up to something big! Will the Justice League show up in time to stop them? You’ll have to write in to the Tip-line of Evil to find out!

Northrup is the New York Times bestselling scribe behind TombQuest, as well as young adult novels Gentlemen and Trapped. He is also the current baseball editor on Sports Illustrated For Kids and has a background in athletics himself.

Duarte, meanwhile, is a Brazillian illustrator that has an extensive 20-year career that also involves graphic design and independent comics. Besides his published work in his native country, he has also worked for Marvel and DC, the latter being Bizarro. 

The first collaboration between these two, Dear Justice League, focused on an interactive experience for children. It is one of the best ways to gradually introduce not only the DC pantheon of characters, but in a way that is educational and teaches practical knowledge on right and wrong.

DC Brings FanDome To Kids

Following the success of DC FanDome two weeks ago, DC now allows the same for younger readers.

On September 12th, DC brings an age-appropriate, 24-hour virtual experience for kids, starting at 10 am. Comics, TV, movies, games, and more will be available for all to enjoy.

For full details on the event, prospetive attendees can find out here. To access the event, DC has created a seperate web address at www.dckidsfandome.com.


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