Batwoman Adds To Cast With Shivanni Ghai

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Batwoman expands its female cast with more than just a new lead.

Following the departure of former series lead, Ruby Rose, showrunners have created a new LGBT character to replace Kate Kane as Gotham’s protector. That role – Ryan Wilder – has gone to actress Javicia Leslie. Like Rose, she is also a member of the LGBT community and maintains the verisimilitude of the show. And now Ryan Wilder will have more than just the psychotic Alice as her trial by fire.

Batwoman, Meet Shivanni Ghai

British actress Shivaani Ghai (Dominion) has been added to the cast of the second season. She will portray Safiyah, an inhabitant of the island of Coryana. Embraced by her people as their protector, she is as compassionate and charismatic as she is deadly as The Desert Rose. And apparently it and Safiyah are just two of numerous aliases. Ghai’s previous TV credits include DominionEastEndersFive Days, and The Catch. She also have film credits in FirefliesLondon Has Fallen, and Clearskin.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic’s outbreak, Rose went on social media to announce her departure much to everyone’s surprise. Stating she was unprepared for the pressure of the schedule associated with series lead, she had made the difficult decision to not return for the second season. This unforeseen shake-up forced showrunner Caroline Dries to come up with a new character as opposed to recasting the role of Kate Kane. The status of Kate will apparently follow the path of her cousin, Bruce Wayne, having vanished without explanation.

With Javicia’s casting, it enables the show to reach additional demographics besides LGBT since she is a woman of color. It is also the first time that an African-American female character has become a member of the Bat-Family. Luke Fox, played on the series by Camrus Johnson, is Batwing in the comics. Fans are waiting with baited breath to see if he will take up that mantle on the show.

Batwoman will return in January 2021.

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