Titans EP Teases Return Of Donna Troy

by Brad Filicky
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Donna Troy fans were disappointed that at the end of Titans season 2 the character died, but Donna Troy returns?  At the DC FanDome panel for Titans, the show’s Executive Producer Greg Walker teased her return in Season 3.

Conor Leslie was at the panel, which gives a big clue of the character’s return given that the actress portrays her on the show. Panel moderator,  Damian Holbrook asked Executive Producer Greg Walker, “A lot of the time, when a character is killed on a show, they don’t come back for the panel. What can you tell us?”

Walker said the show might explore how Donna returns, hinting that may explore the  concept of the afterlife. He said, “It’s true, but there are ways we can kinda skirt some of the normal life and death rules for those of us that are kinda more human bound. We’ve got some exciting opportunities and stories ahead for Donna Troy and Rachel, and the whole underworld we’ve made. We’ll go into what it’s like as a transition stage.”

To that, Holbrook replied, “DC Comics loves the Lazarus Pit.” Walker dodged the question by saying, “I have no comment about that.”

In Season 2, Donna died by being electrocuted , a plot point that Walker said will come back. When asked if the way Donna died would “affect how she might live,” Walker simply said, “absolutely.”

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