Image Comics Reviews: Pretty Violent #11

by Tony Farina
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Image Comics Reviews: Pretty Violent #11

Pretty Violent #11


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Derek Hunter and Jason Young

Artist: Derek Hunter

Colors: Spencer Holt


Reviewer: Tony Farina



The war is over. The only thing left to do is to figure out who won. Find out in this climactic final chapter! Heads will roll and minds will be blown! Literally.

Pretty Violent #11


Pretty Violent #11 once again made me laugh and it broke my heart. There was a path that this book could have gone. It could have been a bunch of violent jokes that were done solely for shock value. That would have been fine. People would have liked that. Young and Hunter chose a different path. That gave us all those things, but they also poked holes in all the silly things we love about comics while doing those things. That is a hard needle to thread. I don’t want to give too much away, but the way they address the “no one dies in comics” trope in this issue is brilliant.

Eleven issues in and I will say it one more time, Spencer Holt is amazing.  Hunter is a great artist. His face work, blood splatters and all around mayhem is fantastic, but Holt brings it all to life. The color palate is small for this book and that has been a smart move. That allows our eyes to focus on the things we are supposed to see. Those panels where he has no color at all in the background make it all even more appealing. I will miss seeing him do his thing. Here is one last image for you to all enjoy.


Pretty Violent #11


Pretty Violent #11 seems to be the last issue. That sucks.


Pretty Violent #11 brings to end one of the most surprisingly touching series of the past year. I hope that Hunter, Young and Holt decide to do something else together even if it is not with this world. Although, I would love to see them come back. Ultimately these guys told the story they wanted to tell. They made fun of superheroes while telling a true hero’s journey. The played with tropes while living inside them. It was expertly done. If you have not read this series, treat yourself.  Thanks again Jason, Derek and Spencer. 2020 has really sucked, but you all made it a little brighter!



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