Review: Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook *Gift Idea*

by Steve J. Ray
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Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook
Written by Briana Volk
Photography by Carla Choy
Featuring illustrations by some of DC Comics’ finest ever Wonder Woman artists
Review by Steve J. Ray


If there was ever a book that seems like it was made to measure, just for me, it’s this one. Insight Editions have blown my mind (and my taste buds) with their new scrumtrellescent release: Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook. Yes, there’s now a book out there that combines comics and food, two of the greatest loves of my life, after my family. Stick a fork in me… I’m done!


Packed with over 50 delicious recipes, inspired by the first (and arguably still the best) female superhero of all time, this book could be the yummiest treat you could get for the comics foodie in your life. This tasty tome could really sprinkle some seasoning into your holiday season!

It’s not just the food that looks great either, as the book’s packed with vintage Wonder Woman images spanning her entire 80 year history. Of course, there are also dishes presented that homage her Justice League team-mates, and Cassie (Wonder Girl) Sandsmark too!

The recipes I’ve tried (yes… I cook) have been delicious. They’re also very authentic, in that many of them are based on Greek or Mediterranean classics. This makes a great deal of sense when considering Wonder Woman’s lineage and ancestry. There are sweet, and savory dishes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals are all represented too. All of the recipes contain healthy ingredients, and are (mostly) very easy to follow.

Of course, the obligatory naughty cakes, nachos and pastries are also represented, but Princess Diana is an international ambassador after all. Worry not, there’s still enough humous, baclava, olives and feta cheese in the book to satiate any fans of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

There are even recommendations for which dishes combine well for family brunches, birthdays, and movie nights, too. They really have thought of everything!


The one drawback to this book, as I’m based in Europe, is the fact that all the recipes are written with imperial weights, or in measured by cups. I’m used to working in grams, or kilograms, so Google gets a real workout whenever I cook from this book. Hey, maybe that just means that I’m giving both my brain, and my taste buds a workout… so perhaps this isn’t a negative at all.


Mouth-watering food, eye-candy artwork… what more could any comics or food fan want? I usually take cook books “inspired by” fictional characters with a pinch of salt (sorry), but with this book both my scepticism and my hunger have been satisfied. It’s all great fun, and a completely original example of something brand new, and unexpected to give both to superhero fans, or budding amateur chefs. If, like me, you’re a bit of both, then this eclectic mix is nothing short of a recipe for success.

Images Courtesy of Insight Editions

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