Image Comics Review: Commanders in Crisis #1 & #2

by Carl Bryan
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inImage Comics Review: Commanders in Crisis #1/#2  


[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Davide Tinto

Colorist: Francesca Carotenuto

Letterer: Fabio Amelia


  Reviewed by: Carl Bryan




“We don’t answer to flags anymore.  We answer to those that are in danger! – Frontier

Commanders in Crisis #1 – The last survivors of the Multiverse live among us under new, superheroic identities, five survivors of doomed worlds…taking a second chance to ensure our world lives on.
It’s a new twist on strange superhero comics, with a bleeding-edge eye on the modern moment, COMMANDERS IN CRISIS follows in the footsteps of Doom Patrol and Thunderbolts as five unexpected heroes come together to solve a murder unlike any other. The victim? Compassion itself…This is “ideacide”!
Subsequently in Issue #2, DOA is EMPATHY ITSELF, and while empathy withers and dies across the world, Originator uses her abilities to bring the John Doe back for 24 hours to reveal the name of his killer!
A new series by acclaimed writer STEVE ORLANDO (Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol: Milk Wars, Martian Manhunter) and artist DAVIDE TINTO (Marvel Action: Spider-Man) provides an intense action thriller.  It reminds us about the importance of compassion and hope in the present moment, and putting fists to faces along the way!


In all the DC Multiverse madness, Steve Orlando turns the comic world on its edge with four presidents of destroyed worlds being transported to the current earth by its current president. 

Steve Orlando paints a diverse America that is in crisis as “empathy” is dead.  The United States is embroiled in The American Individuality Act where 52 independent nations would be formed through a succession from the US.  Is this a scary idea or what?

They are supposed to agree to defend each other from outside interests.  Orlando makes a big political statement here in themes of diversity, Washington over the top politics, and the lack of empathy among the country.


Positives (more…)

You want diversity among your heroes.  The roster is as follows – Noah Rowe (Prizefighter) and Earth J’s first gay President; Scarlet Davis (Seer) who was Earth K’s first black woman President;  Ignacio Mendez (Sawbones) who was Earth D’s first Latinx President;  and Sumaira Shamsie, Earth H’s first Pakistani female President. 

They are all ripped from their destructed multiverse worlds by current President, Nina Next (Frontier) who is a science hero in the Oracle/Iron Man mold.  She brings them all together to orchestrate a plan.  They all know what it’s like to lose a world and to lead a world.

Orlando reveals his heroes with arguably doppelganger powers you have heard of, however, Seer’s a kind of semantic magician who can remix word roots to utter new terms that alter reality for 24 hours. Getting background and instant interest in these new characters is very easy for readers to do!


Negatives (maybe…)

Placing such diverse characters in one comic and having them immediately gel might be far fetched.  However,  Orlando provides a story that is both hopeful and one in which we can hang some real world aspirations on!

Positives (Third Round!)

Francesca Carotenuto, Fabio Amelia, and Davide Tinto provide art that is clean, fresh, and visually stunning. 

Sharp pencils, colors that jump off the page, and background environments that contribute to the mood of the storytelling.


New Heroes are hard to come by.  Image is the perfect playground for this comic and what a skill set for heroes…former commander-in-chiefs with super powers.  Let’s see how this all plays out!

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