Review: Justice League: Endless Winter #1

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Justice League: Endless Winter #1



[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Andy Lanning and Ron Marz

Artist: Howard Porter

Color Artist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: AndWorld Design

Review By: Kendra Hale 

Justice League Endless Winter #1  came out this week with a bang. There is a different feel to this comic book to be sure. For some it will have a familiar flair that will let the nostalgic vibes of the older comics sink in.  Bottom line is that it is a start to a story, one that is set to impact the whole of the DCU. That said, let us just dive in shall we?

Creating A Winter Wonderland

With a beginning that is familiar, Andy Lanning and Ron Marz bring us into this tale with an introduction to the key players that you expect from a Justice league title. Flash is the key to almost each introduction though as he weaves his way between his colleagues looking for advice on a balanced lifestyle. The build up to the story is quite nice and pulls at many points in the history of 
DC. There are cameos and humor in many interactions. Some as simple as the clothing on the back of the Bat himself or to a gift from a child that gives us a nice peek into the at home life of Jefferson Pierce. Endless Winter touches on the lives of our heroes in many aspects. 

With a dual time spanning story and a new villain showing their face, there is a lot that this issue unloads. Curiosity piqued seeing a team up of characters that drives this reader into wanting to know more. There is no shortage of action whether it be with B list villains or the JL team showing their stuff against animated ice beings. So many pieces are given to a larger story and it will be a joy to see them played out as the next feature’s in The Flash’s next issue. 


After All This Time

There was really only a weird inconsistency with the art work that caught my eye and put me off slightly as I read. Page seven is one of the best examples as the artwork of Wonder Woman’s and Superman’s arrival on the scene looked so odd to me art wise. Wonder Woman just didn’t look like herself and it could have potentially been the POV for the scene that caused the weird style for me but it was a page that definitely stuck with me as I read on. Howard Porter did have moments in this book that were beyond brilliant though, the final page is one that had my jaw dropping because of impact it was. AndWorld Design used his magic to give the narration and word bubbles the feeling they needed to have during the writing by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz. 


I remember discussing with colleagues just what Endless Winter was and what it could bring to the table story wise. I admit that Justice League: Endless Winter #1 exceeded that expectation and delivered a story with not only wholesome moments, but ones that have me curious for what is to come for the rest of the tale.  Just what will come for the DCU. It is one I would recommend reading if you are a fan of the characters, but I am waiting for the full hook to grab me. For that I give it a 4 out of 5.  


Images Provided Courtesy Of DC Entertainment.





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