Image Comics Review: Crossover #3

by Seth Singleton
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Review: Crossover #3

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[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Geoff Shaw

Colors: Dee Cunniffe

Letters: John J. Hill


Reviewed by: Seth Singleton



The third issue of Crossover reveals the details of Ellie’s recent past, the plight of her purported love interest, and the return of The Paybacks. Plus, drama intrigue and more.



Readers who remember the ending of the original comic series The Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons will take note of the first two pages of this book. They both pay homage and discredit the premise. Ultimately, it is these opening pages that introduce to the reader the predicament Ellie referenced in the first two issues.

In addition, the most poignant reflection comes from the narrator. The speaker argues that the Dome that has changed the world for people like Ellie and so many others was put up not to protect the world the comic book world crossing into it. Rather, it was erected to protect those crossing over from our violent defense of the reality from invaders.


Ellie’s legal name is Ellipses. She was with her parents when the Dome went up. It was her mother who told Ellie to run and not look back. At the time Ellie was 17 and listened to her mom. Now, she is willing to do anything to get back.

The art in this opening sequence from Geoff Shaw feels timeless and almost ancient. The dripping paint on a bomb spells out Cape Killer. Below is the image of a costumed figure with a cape surrounded by a circle with a line through it. The pixelation around the Dome as it rises is a lovely contrast to Ellie. Her head down, charging forward is black and white shaded with gray and an opposite to the Dome in both color, shade, and texture.

Lovely scene with Ava sitting on the sink while Ellie uses makeup to disguise that she has crossed over from the Dome.


By comparison, Ellie’s purported love interest’s story opens on a much more stark canvas. His father the Reverend Lowe is a violent man petty, cruel, suspicious, and manipulative. After beating and threatening his son Ryan, this sad excuse for a father tells his son that Jesus loves him. Then Father Lowe tells Ryan to clean himself up so he can show his face to the glory of God at church service tomorrow.

Instead, Ryan makes a different choice. And it’s the choices that follow that make for some really fun storytelling.

Remember a comic book team called The Paybacks? Dark Horse Comics published it. Until it got canceled. Well, the gang shows up with a guy who looks a lot like Doctor Stephen Strange. According to author Donny Cates who may or may not be the narrator the team would be outstanding and in his mind still is.

Bonus, the surprise appearance of a very popular character is a great final page.


Look elsewhere for negative reviews. Crossover #3 is immaculate.


The Ethereal wonder that is crossover is beautiful. Author Donny Cates it’s taking the purest ideas behind comic books and the world and raising the stakes about as high as they can go. His confidence to raise them would seem foolhardy if the spectacular art of Jeff Shaw didn’t support it.

There are significant moments when great collaborations upgrade imaginations reveal all that we hope, Wonder, and dream. This book is a celebration of the best hopes and some of the oldest fears of humankind. It is a beautiful reminder of what Comics do every day, and what they still do in our hearts.


5outof5 DC Comics News

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