Review: Batwoman 2×02 – “Prior Criminal History”

by Steven Brown
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Review: Batwoman 2×02 – “Prior Criminal History”

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Carl Seaton

Writers: James Stoteraux & Chad Fiveash

Starring: Javicia Leslie, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Dougray Scott, Camrus Johnson, Christina Ulfsparre


Review by: Steven Brown



Batwoman 2×02 – Ryan comes to terms with trying to find a normal life outside of the batsuit. Meanwhile Alice is making plans to make the city suffer in an effort to gain someone’s attention. Jacob is still struggling coming to terms with the revelation of Kate being Batwoman.


“Prior Criminal History” shows Ryan attempting to find a life outside of the batsuit that she just found previously. With her experience in martial arts training, she attempts to look for a job in security. However thanks to her time in prison at Blackgate, she’s almost immediately turned down. I can already see how Ryan will deal with trying to redeem herself throughout this season, and it won’t be easy. Alice meanwhile is conducting a plan to poison the citizens of Gotham through bats, courtesy of a poison. At a Batwoman rally made in support of the crusader, Alice attacks the crowd with the bat swarm, infecting thousands.


I felt that certain parts of the episode were rushed, especially the confrontation between Ryan and Alice on the rooftop. I personally thought the fight could’ve been a little better between the two, especially with Ryan’s martial arts experience. However I guess that’s just the inexperience of wearing the batsuit so far. Alice’s plan of poisoning the public I felt was unnecessary, and even when I found out the reasoning behind it–it still didn’t impress me.


Batwoman 2×02: “Prior Criminal History was a decent episode but felt rushed and almost incomplete. Although the story wasn’t bad– it definitely could’ve been better. I’m hoping that as Ryan learns more about the batsuit and the weight it carries, better stories come along with it.


3outof5 DC Comics News


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