Zack Snyder Welcomes Darkseid

by Joel Taylor
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Since The Man of Steel in 2013, Zack Snyder has reunited us with many  DC Comics characters. Now Zack Snyder welcomes Darkseid to the big screen.  Darkseid is known as one of DC’s most iconic characters and villains.

As Zack Snyder welcomes Darkseid, the Justice League gets a new look. Though there has been debate, it has been decided that the New Justice League project will be a four-hour length movie as opposed to a miniseries. The four-hour Snyder Cut will breathe new life into DC’s premiere superhero team on screen as they take on a new version of challenges that were first presented in the 2017 theatrical cut. These include bringing Henry Cavill’s Superman back from the dead along with an introduction to Darkseid and a revamped Steppenwolf. Darkseid will be a major focus for fans in his first live action appearance. The introduction to Darkseid includes a history lesson sequence where we are introduced to Uxas who inevitably becomes Darkseid.

Ray Porter, an American voice actor, will play the voice of Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips. Porter stated “It felt amazing. I definitely knew I was part of something enormous. But the way Zack works, and the general attitude of everyone who’s worked so closely with him for so many years, is really positive. It was a very kind, friendly, happy set. And great work was getting done…I will say that the lycra mocap suit didn’t feel great. Ciarán [Hinds] and I both looked odd in our lycra mocap suits.”

Besides his brief appearances on TV, Darkseid’s presence on the big screen has been non-existent until now. Fans will finally get a fully realized version of one of DC’s most known characters.

New artwork inspired by the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League shows Uxas transforming into Darkseid with his iconic armored look. New merchandise features Darkseid as he appears in the Snyder cut of the film fully outfitted for battle with armor bearing his signature omega symbol.

Snyder revealed the first official look at Darkseid in the film not long after HBO Max announced it had picked up the project.

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