Review: Future State: The Flash #2

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Brandon Vietti

Artist: Dale Eaglesham

Colorist: Mike Atiyeh

Letters: Steve Wands


Review By: Kendra Hale



Future State: The Flash #2 sends a very clear message – be careful what you hope for. The Flash clan has always been a beacon of purity in the DCU, seeing the best in all around them. But this tale turns that on its head. 

Two months after the altercations of Future State: The Flash #1, Barry is trying to rise above all of the losses he has faced. Science is his beacon and he is utilizing all the weapons he has gathered in his wins against the rogue’s gallery, plotting an all-out onslaught to the end against Wally and Famine. Hope may be the end of poor Barry Allen though…


This isn’t the first time readers have seen such anguish in a Flash title, but to this degree, it is heavy to take. Barry is relying on what has always helped him to cope with the stress of his reality, and science has usually served him quite well. Along with that, he also has his determination to believe in the best of those he loves.                    

I won’t give false hope though, this tale has many sad moments. 


I wish that there were more to the story, but I know this is a one-and-done, spread out across two issues.  In order to get more, though, it seems the Teen Titans part of Future State will be needed. 


This was so different from any of the Flash titles I have read. Between issue one and two it was hard to hope for any kind of happy ending, but I guess that is for the readers to determine. Given the artwork and story telling, this part of the Future State is vital, especially when it comes to whatever part the Four Horsemen have to play. 


4outof5 DC Comics News


Images Courtesy Of DC Entertainment.



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