The Flash Comes To Fortnite!

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The Flash may be weeks away from its seventh season, but Barry Allen’s fast enough to be in two places at once.

Fortnite’s Twitter account has announced “The Flash Cup,” featuring a skin based upon Grant Gustin‘s fourth season costume. It made its debut in the fourth season premiere following Barry Allen’s return from The Speed Force. It’s adapting the hit CW series version of The Fastest Man Alive extended in its “Reality Log.” Tenants of this incarnation include not only the fourth season suit, but coffee shop CC Jitters – Iris West-Allen’s first job on the show – as the setting.

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The Flash is not the first time Fortnite has tapped into the Arrowverse for skins. Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen from its inception show, Arrow, has also been a selection. Batman-themed skins from the DC Universe are also options. The property has also referenced the Star Wars Universe for The Mandalorian, and skins from The Marvel Universe.

The reveal comes weeks prior to the season premiere. Its previous season shortened by the pandemic, production is currently underway to not only tie off loose ends, but expand. Plot points such as Iris (Candice Patton) lost in the mirror verse, Barry’s powers dwindling, and the agenda of Mirror Mistress will be the primary focus. Hartley Sawyer’s final scenes as Ralph Dibny on the show will be tailored to tie off his character’s journey. Sawyer had been fired from the show last spring because of racial comments uncovered on his social media feed. Love interest Julie Dreyfuss, who portrays Sue Dearbon, has since been promoted to series regular.

Fortnite will be available on multiple platforms, such as PS4, PS5, XBox, Nintendo Switch, and more.  Catch the season premiere of The Flash on March 3rd on the CW.

Source: Fortnite Adding The CW’s Flash | CBR

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