Titan Comics Reviews: Snowpiercer: The Prequel Vol. 1 – Extinction

by Tony Farina
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Reviews: Snowpiercer: The Prequel Vol 1 – Extinction

Snowpiercer Extinction: The Prequel Vol. 1

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writers: Matz and Jean-Marc Rochette (Translated by Mark McKenzie-Ray)

Artist: Jean-Marc Rochette

Colors: Jose Villarrubia

Letters: Lauren Bowes

Review: Tony Farina


The prequel story to the New York Times bestselling Snowpiercer graphic novel series that inspired both movie and TV adaptations. Perfect for fans of post-apocalyptic sci-fi! The Snowpiercer saga continues with this brand new story by original artist Jean-Marc Rochette and Eisner nominated writer, Matz. Set before the extinction event that caused the new ice age in which the Snowpiercer travels perpetually around the globe, witness the terrifying events that led to the need for and creation of the eponymous train.

Snowpiercer Extinction: The Prequel Vol. 1


Snowpiercer: The Prequel Vol. 1 – Extinction is equal parts beautiful and terrifying. The plot is pretty simple. Humans are the parasite killing the planet. Different groups have ideas on how to save the human race, albeit a scaled back select few. I was so engrossed that I read the whole thing and I was not sure I took a breath. It was simply unputdownable. Yes, that is not a word, but it should be.

Jean-Marc Rochette is not just the artist here, he co-writer and full-time story teller. His style, which is full of shadow and texture shows a dirty, lived in world where atrocities happen every single day. These acts of violence, both man-made and nature-made, feel teeth-chatteringly (another made up word that should be a word) real.

Snowpiercer Extinction: The Prequel Vol. 1


Snowpiercer: The Prequel Vol 1 – Extinction only has one flaw, it is a cliffhanger. That is pretty brilliant. I want more and I want more now. OK, there is another flaw. There is this weird psychic connection thing I didn’t quite understand. I forgive it because Comics.


Snowpiercer: The Prequel Vol 1 – Extinction is equal parts philosophy and art with a dash of terror thrown in for good measure. This is such a fast paced, whip smart book that readers who know nothing about the movie or TV series will want to rush out and watch it and those who have, will have a lot of Ah-ha moments. It has made me want to desperately read the original series, about which I knew very little until this. If you are just coming at this with fresh eyes or if you are an old veteran of the series, this is a welcome edition to the universe. I am buying my ticket for more Snowpiercer.



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