Justice League Unlimited Returns…In Comics!

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Justice League Unlimited may have finished its run on The Cartoon Network 15 years ago, but the never ending battle is just that.

From the minds of co-creators James Tucker and J.M. DeMatteis – both former affiliates of the series – comes Justice League Infinity, consisting of the show’s “original seven”: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), The Flash (Wally West), Hawkgirl, and Martian Manhunter. Like the series, the book will also spotlight other DC heroes, and this seven-issue series will also star heroes that the animated series could not fit in during its run. “Inifinity” in the place of “Unlimited” to symbolize everything is canon in DC’s “Infinite Frontier” era.

Justice League Infinity – What Can Fans Expect and Where Did We Leave Off in 2006?

The book’s description reveals the League is “banding together to face new dangers that not only threated Earth, but the Multiverse itself [and allows its creative team to bring in] a host of new characters from across the DC Multiverse when bringing these animated heroes and villains to comics.”

The first issue’s synopsis further explains “there is a being wandering the universe searching for its true purpose, but what it finds out on the farthest edges of the cosmos will changer not just our universe, but [many!] Meanwhile, the war for the throne of Apokolips arrives on Earth, and the true ruler will only be decided one way: Who can destroy the Justice League?”

As fans of the animated series – a sequel series to Justice League that ran from 2004 to 2006 – remember, the series finale was a two-parter that teamed Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom with the League to defeat the resurrected Darkseid, a resurrection being the result of Luthor’s failed attempt to restore Brainiac. In revenge for his death, Darkseid first rallied his feuding subordinates together to launch an assault on Earth. While the extended League’s members and Legion members dealt with the international threat of parademons, the central fight in Metropolis between Superman, Batman, Luthor and Darkseid came to a shocking conclusion. Before Darkseid could land the fatal blow on Superman, Lex provided the despot with the only thing he sought besides revenge on Superman: The Anti-Life Equation, a phenomenon that he had spent eons conquering and killing in pursuit of it. In a blinding cyclone of energy, both Luthor and Darkseid vanished without a trace trapped in its energies. If Tucker and DeMatteis are picking up where things left off, they could explain the civil war on Apokolips and its sudden inclusion of the League’s defeat as the deciding vote on who takes Darkseid’s throne.

The first chapter will be released digitally on May 13th, while the print version will hit the stands on July 6th.

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