The Scarecrow is Vincent Kartheiser on Titans Season Three!

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The Scarecrow now has a face behind that burlap mask for Titans season three.

Vincent Kartheiser, whose credits include Mad Men, has been cast in the role of Jonathan Crane, the villain’s real name. Kartheiser has also had roles in such series as Law & Order: Special Victims UnitThe OA, and Proven Innocent. 

The Scarecrow – Who Is He And Who Else Is Coming To Titans?

Dr. Jonathan Crane has as strong a connection to the Batman mythos as Dick Grayson. A former university psychology professor, Crane’s childhood obsession with fear drives him into villainy. His choice of identity is also tied to his obsession with Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, as he shared Ichabod Crane’s lanky physique and how he was regarded as a scarecrow. As The Scarecrow, he instills in his victims their greatest phobias through his trademark chemical concoction known as “Fear Toxin.” To date, Kartheiser is the third actor to portray Crane, following Cillian Murphy in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and Charlie Tahan on Fox’s Gotham TV series. Scarecrow has appeared in both animated and video game platforms as well as live action.

Joining Kartheiser on the newcomers list is Damaris Lewis and actress/singer Savannah Welch of The Transcendants. Welch will be portraying Commissioner Barbara Gordon, no longer Batgirl after losing her leg, as Welch herself is an amputee following a 2016 car accident. In keeping with the creative liberties of Titans, this direction deviates from her comic book counterpart, who lives with a spinal cord injury. Lewis, meanwhile, will be portraying Blackfire, as she debuted last season. Blackfire is Starfire’s sister in the comics, and is responsible for Koriand’r’s enslavement. Lewis’s past credits include a stint on the series Pose. As for recurring characters, Curran Walters’s disgruntled Jason Todd will be leaving Robin behind and becoming The Red Hood.

As it stands there is no official start date to the third season of Titans, but it will be broadcast on HBO Max.

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