Indie Comics Review: Stray Dogs #3

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Stray Dogs #3

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Tony Fleecs

Artist: Trish Forstner

Colorist: Brad Simpson

Layouts: Tone Rodriguez

Review by: Kendra Hale 



Stray Dogs #3 is out this week and oh, this issue hits HARD. More secrets are coming to the surface and Sophie is learning that her theory of how she and the other dogs got there gains more and more traction, as well as allies. Earl still stands by the fact that she is hysterical, but some things are very hard to overlook, like last issue when Roxanne recognized the photo Sophie and Rusty retrieved from the “forbidden room”. 

Things get more real as Sophie, Roxanne, and Rusty discuss the findings and just what their next steps should be. As the other dogs hurry in to take advantage of feeding time, a strange scent catches Roxanne’s nose and leads the three, plus Victor, under the crawlspace. Already having holes awaiting them, it doesn’t take long to start digging to figure out the scent. But their absence is noticed and it is a stroke of luck indeed that they make it semi-unscathed back into the house. 

But actions have consequences, and what they find in the hole further proves Sophie’s theory that their “Master” is a serial killer who keeps the dogs of his victims. Victor makes choices that he may regret…



Stray Dogs is unique and captivating. The story unfolds with just enough to keep us invested and on the edge of our seats. I honestly don’t know if I have ever been so emotionally invested in characters I have only just met before. The way that Tony and Trish present these characters is engaging and you go through a spectrum of emotions as you jump in for the ride. Brad Simpson’s colors certainly give the tone each scene needs, my heart was pounding as the four dogs were hiding in the hole, desperately trying not to be found. 



It made me cry. I do not appreciate crying from fear of what is to come. (Not a true negative, just saying that’s the impact this series has and I resent that.)



Stray Dogs #3 continues a series that is charming and thrilling. Full of foreboding and playfulness all wrapped in a cute package. It is not something to be slept on. The variant covers that are homages to horror movies are probably my favorite thing as I chuckle every time I see them.  




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