Indie Comics Review: Crossover #6

by Seth Singleton
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Indie Comics Review: Crossover #6

Indie Comics Review: Crossover #6 DC Comics News

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Geoff Shaw

Colors: Dee Cunniffe

Letters: John J. Hill

Reviewed by: Seth Singleton



Crossover #6 is the finale to the first story arc which is aptly titled Kids Love Chains. The fate of Ellie, Otto, and so many others is pressed up against the dome shielding the portal to another world.

Indie Comics Review Crossover #6 DC Comics News


Never point a loaded gun at a little girl who is exhibiting powers. Also, never point a gun at anyone and especially not children. Why this is not something that Ryan Lowe knows inherently is another red flag regarding the suspect parenting of his father, the venerable Reverend Lowe.

Subsequently, it feels more necessary than it should that Ryan Lowe broaden his scope of intellectual inquiry. Questioning the orders of a suit-wearing power broker named Pendleton is a good thing. Someone like Ellie is great to have around in those times that a “cerebral recalibration” is necessary. Pertinent details are available within the issue.

Don't Point Guns - Ellie explains this fact to Ryan Lowe

Crossovers abound. Fans will be delighted to see many familiar faces. This reviewer recognized one character from the 90s that was delightful to recall and behold. Even Ellie and Otto get starstruck. Ellie lets loose with a pithy, “Holy S—, that’s <REDACTED>”. Otto’s, “This is the best day of my life” wins the perfect one-liner award.

Listening to “Break on Through” by The Doors is an acceptable accompaniment when reading Crossover #6. No one said that getting to a place you want is going to solve all of your problems. Ellie sees people who recognize her, but they do not look happy that she has returned. They appear worried or scared.

You Can Write Your Own Story

Ellie has a secret. Until now, it has not been a consideration. But there is a dramatic loss that changes the nature of her relationship with Ryan. Trust is a dangerous commodity among outcasts. Even the best intentions are fraught with danger. Ellie’s decision will strengthen their bond, but the encompassing risks will place them both in a precarious position, and probably sooner than later.


At least one loss is tragic and personal. Hug the people who bring joy into your life daily. They are part of the small mysteries that turn the wheels of the cosmos.

Through the portal or through the dome


It is easy to crush on Donny Cates for writing a story about comics for people who love the best qualities that comics embody. But it is the art of Geoff Shaw and the colors of Dee Cunniffe that turn Crossover from a mild infatuation into a full-blown affair. John J. Hill’s letters are the love notes and online flirtation that linger long after the final page is absorbed.

The thing about an affair is the way it can feel so amazing early on. What makes it last are the moments when one or both parties show how much they care for each other. Cates, Shaw, Cunniffe, and Hill use every issue to show the depths of their love for comics. It’s a love they share with fans. How will fans show their love for this creative comics team?


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