Indie Comic Review: Radiant Black #3

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Radiant Black #3

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Image Comics

Written By: Kyle Higgins

Art By: Marcelo Costa

Letters By: Becca Carey

Review By: Kendra Hale 




When last we left Nathan Burnett, he was dealing with the baby steps of what being a super hero means, as well as what his future holds in terms of his dreams. Getting on a similar page with his Dad and having the unconditional support of his Mom is certainly helping him. But as we see spotlighted in Radiant Black #3, while outside support can be helpful, it takes believing in yourself and breaking through those walls that halt us in order to embrace who we are. 

Nathan is on one of his writing days and he is completely stuck. Not only with where he wants his short story to go, but what it even means. Just what is the story he is trying to tell? Thanks in part to Marshall, there is not only a super hero name, but also a social media for Radiant Black. But as Nathan is struggling to push through the writers block, the power that is Radiant Black is struggling to make itself heard. An opportunity arises that may help him in both aspects. 


Kyle Higgins sets quite a stage in Radiant Black #3, but, to be fair, all aspects shine in their own rights. Kyle is able to engage readers and showcase the pain and frustration of wanting something so bad and then dealing with the wall blocking progress, as well as several relatable traits, like taking breaks, setting deadlines, and “helpful” advice, all in believable and easy flowing scenes. 

Speaking of scenes, the artwork by Marcelo Costa is absolutely vital is showcasing the depth and emotion that is Kyle’s words. From the emotions, to the atmosphere that the scenes create, it is wholly palpable just what Nathan is feeling. Additionally, we get to see Becca Carey give impressive lettering as the entity makes itself known. 


The only thing that could potentially be seen as a negative is that this series doesn’t follow your typical formula that most superhero books seem to take. But with good world building, a slow burn is forgiven and I, for one, am grateful that we are seeing a different take on the superhero story.        


One of my favorite moments consists of no art at all and is what sets Radiant Black #3 apart and makes it entirely unique and aware of the medium. It’s the pages that are solely the computer screen showcasing Nathan’s short story. It truly sets readers into the mind of Nathan. I look forward to seeing what more is to come from this series. It is a high recommend. 




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