Superman Now Appears in Fortnite Season 7

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Superman has joined the never ending battle…in Fortnite.

For the latest installment – “Chapter 2: Season 7 – Invasion” – the story shifts from the prehistoric era into the science fiction realm with flying saucers, aliens, and apparently the Man of Steel himself.

Superman on Fortnite – Video Game History and What to Expect in Season 7

Players will be able to hack and pilot these saucers, as well as access new weaponry such as a rail gun capable of penetrating structures. There will also be a crafting substance called nuts and bolts which allows players the use of classic weapons previously removed from the game. A digital scanner is also accessible.

This isn’t the first time Superman has ventured into video games and definitely won’t be the last. His history even goes as far back as Atari, so it’s at the start of video games itself. From solo jaunts in the early 80s to early 2000’s, to Injustice and Mortal Kombat, he’s everywhere. However, players can only unlock his character later on in the season. In the meantime they can have a go at these other choices: Joey, a human/alien double-agent, a gargantuan battle droid, or a customizable extraterrestrial named Kymera. A notable additional character is Guggimon, an influencer with an Instagram following of 1 million!

While there is no official start date of this season, PC players can find increased resolution that makes game quality rival next-generation consoles.

Stay tuned.

Original Source – Fortnite season 7 has Superman, flying saucers, and a virtual influencer – The Verge

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