Review: Green Lantern #4
Green Lantern 4 DC Comics News[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Geoffrey Thorne
Art: Tom Raney and Marco Santucci
Colors: Michael Atiyeh
Letters: Rob Leigh

Reviewed by: Matthew B. Lloyd



John Stewart has to save his own rescuers while Jo and Keli get a lead on who may have attacked Oa, the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps.


Much like last issue, without a working power ring the story has a different feel.  I compared Green Lantern #3 to Star Trek, and this issue continues in the same manner even if it doesn’t have a specific moment that seems inspired by that seminal science fiction television series.  By separating John from a working ring it allows for an exploration of John’s full skill set.  the power ring is a powerful weapon and as such members of the Green Lantern Corps can rely on it too much.  It’s easy to sort of work the ring.  Green Lantern #4 shows why one can’t let the ring be the answer to everything.  There have to be other ways to combat a threat.   

Green Lantern 4 DC Comics News

John does just that, and once he does that and gets on board the invaders’ ship he learns a little bit more about what’s going on.  It’s a truly startling moment that is best left for the reader to discover.  This scenario provides a snapshot of John’s character which provides a good balance with action and character development.

Green Lantern 4 DC Comics News

Jo and Keli are back on Oa and make a discovery with Councilor Fel (clearly a Coluan but with the name of a Thanagarian?) about the possible source of the attack on Oa as well as an explanation of what’s happening to the Guardians.  While they seem to be in agony and perhaps slowly dying because of the disassembling of the Main Power Battery, it’s not clear exactly what’s going on.  It’s an interesting mystery that is seems like it will be Jo’s job to uncover.

Green Lantern 4 DC Comics News


It’s not a huge thing, but with the tease of Hal Jordan at the end of last issue it seems a bit odd that he’s not seen in Green Lantern #4.  He is mentioned however, and the opening sequence in which John references his actions as Parallax are a bit strange.  It’s a bit odd, but John and Ganthet seem to be referring to events of the past.  Or are they future events.  Ganthet says that John has “ascended” and one can’t be sure exactly what he means.  While it’s interesting to think there’s another layer of action that’s occurring, it’s a bit obtuse and is confusing.  It is sort of left to the side after the first page or two so that it doesn’t detract much from the issue as a whole.


Green Lantern #4 is another great installment in the newest Green Lantern series.  John Stewart and Jo Mullein are getting some  exposure and they the creative team is doing a wonderful job with these Lanterns.  The high concept for this series continues to work well with just enough character moments to balance it and be a well-rounded tale.  There’s  a lot going on and there are multiple mysteries to be solved.  It’s fun and exciting and it feels fresh.  It’s a different take on the Green Lantern concept, but one that is working very well.


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