New Suicide Squad Funko Pops: Exclusive Look

by Joel Taylor
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The new Suicide Squad Funko Pops have arrived!  DC’s highly anticipated, supervillain-packed movie, The Suicide Squad (2021), is set to hit theaters in August.  The Suicide Squad’s new team includes familiar faces, with Margot Robbie reprising her role as Harley Quinn (arguably the most recognizable villain in the group) and Joel Kinnaman reprising his role as Rick Flag, the group’s non-criminal leader.  And while we won’t see the return of fan-favorite Deadshot played by Will Smith, there will be plenty of new faces (and voices), joining the cast, including Idris Elba as Bloodsport, John Cena as Peacemaker, and Sylvester Stallone as the voice of King Shark.

Fans of the franchise will be happy to know all these new villains are being brought to you as Funko Pops, and EW has your exclusive look at the collection.  The best part: You can preorder them now.

Funko Pop always goes the extra mile with the details it incorporates into its collectibles.  In DC comic books, Ratcatcher was a villain that could communicate with rats, and the Ratcatcher II Funko Pop alludes to that power by having a rat sit in the character’s palm. (The rat’s honestly kind of adorable.  If only rats on the NYC subway looked like this.)  The King Shark Funko Pop depicts the character in the middle of an awkward hand raise or wave, which is both subtly charming and fitting, since one of the movie’s trailers shows Amanda Walker asking if anyone has questions, followed by King Shark raising his hand (fin?) and only saying “hand.”

Funko Pop is also intuitively offering multiple Harley Quinn collectibles.  In Suicide Squad (2016) Harley Quinn was introduced to the audience as the “total wild card.”  While this probably applies largely to her unpredictable behavior and villainous doings, it could also easily apply to her numerous playful (and iconic) outfits.   So it’s only fair there be different collectibles of her donning different garb.  You want a figure of Harley Quinn in a bodysuit holding a spear?  Funko Pop has it.  You want a figure of Harley Quinn in a red dress holding a spear?  Funko Pop has it.  You prefer a Harley Quinn collectible sans any weapons?  Funko Pop (surprise, surprise) has it, offering an Amazon exclusive figure of her curtsying in a red dress.

The new Suicide Squad Funko Pops include:

Funko; Warner Bros. Pictures Bloodsport Funko Pop and Idris Elba in ‘The Suicide Squad.

From Polka-Dot Man to Bloodsport, Funko Pop is bringing you the best of the Suicide Squad.  If you’re ready to pack your shelves with some of the most notorious DC villains around, check out the collection below and start preordering before your favorites inevitably sell out.

Harley Quinn Funko Pop
Rocking a black-and-red bodysuit with matching eye makeup, this Funko Pop is all about style.  It also captures Harley Quinn’s nonchalant and jaunty attitude by placing one hand on her hip while the other grips a spear.

Buy it! Harley Quinn Funko Pop, $11 at



Bloodsport Funko Pop
Sporting a mask and clenched fists, this Bloodsport Funko Pop looks both resolute and menacing.

Buy it! Bloodsport Funko Pop, $11 at


Rick Flag Funko Pop
Rick Flag is keeping it casual in a pair of camo pants and a graphic T-shirt.  The Funko Pop also features a cut on the commander’s forehead.

Buy it! Rick Flag Funko Pop, $11 at

King Shark Funko Pop
There’s something endearing about this Killer Shark Funko Pop — maybe it’s the ear-to-ear (gill-to-gill?) fang-filled smile, or maybe it’s the awkwardly raised fin.

Buy it! King Shark Funko Pop, $11 at

Polka-Dot Man Funko Pop
Crouching down and wearing goggles with dots in hand, Polka-Dot Man looks like he’s gearing up to launch his polka dot projectiles.

Buy it!  Polka-Dot Man Funko Pop, $11 at

Peacemaker Funko Pop
This Peacemaker Funko Pop features the villain’s signature dove emblem on both his shirt and helmet.

Buy it!  Peacemaker Funko Pop, $11 at

Ratcatcher II Funko Pop
While looking mysterious in a cloak and mask, Ratcatcher II is also holding a rat in this Funko Pop design.

Buy it! Ratcatcher II Funko Pop, $11 at

Harley Quinn Funko Pop
This Amazon exclusive Funko Pop features Harley Quinn in a bold red dress, curtsying and weaponless.

Buy it! Harley Quinn Funko Pop, $12 at

Harley Quinn Funko Pop Keychain
This keychain allows you to bring the chaos of a spear-equipped Harley Quinn wherever you go.

Buy it! Harley Quinn Funko Pop Keychain, $7 at

Get Your Funko Pop Suicide Squad figures now and be a part of saving the world!





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