Michael B. Jordan Developing Black Superman Project For HBO Max

by Joshua Raynor
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Rumors of Michael B. Jordan being involved in a Superman project have been circulating for years, but now, it seems, there may be some validity to them. Collider is reporting that Jordan, and his production company Outlier Society, are working on developing a Black Superman project for HBO Max, centered around the character of Val-Zod.

The report states that Outlier Society has already hired a writer to pen the script for a limited series, which will be produced by Jordan, who may potentially star in it as well.

Black Superman

Michael B. Jordan as Val-Zod – by BossLogic

This should not be confused the other Black Superman project coming from J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot, which is looking to utilize a Black version of Kal-El/Clark Kent. This project will likely be directed by a Black filmmaker, with author and cultural critic Ta-Nehisi Coates already working on the script.

For those unaware, Val-Zod was the Superman of Earth-2, the second to bear the mantle after Kal-El/Clark Kent was thought to be dead, in the New 52 series Earth-2. As an orphan, he befriended Kara Zor-El and was taken in and saved from the destruction of Krypton by Jor-El and Lara, the parents of Kal-El/Superman.

Earth-2 had its own version of Kal-El/Clark Kent who served as Superman, but he was believed to have died in the planet’s first war with Apokolips. After Kal-El seemingly returned, it was revealed that this was actually an evil clone, and Val-Zod took up the mantle of Superman to defeat him.

I personally think this is a fantastic idea, and something that will work well on HBO Max as a limited series. They’ll be able to dive a bit more into his story and allow those who are unfamiliar with the character the chance to get to know him. And perhaps we’ll even see him pop up in other HBO Max/DC projects.

Michael B. Jordan is also reportedly working on producing a Static Shock movie, so keep an eye out for that.

Are you excited to see this take on the Man of Steel? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to DCN for all the updates as they arrive.

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