SDCC 2021: John Ridley Teases Big Things For The DCU’s Future

by Joshua Raynor
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John Ridley, writer of the upcoming I Am Batman, teased some big changes in a pre-recorded appearance at the start of the “Batman: Fear State” panel at Comic-Con@Home 2021.

“I did want to take the opportunity to thank you, the fans, for all of your support of Jace Fox in both Future State and Batman: Second Son,” Ridley said, after apologizing for not being able to make a live appearance on the panel. “I’m so excited to continue Jace’s journey in the new ongoing series I Am Batman. Jace begins his adventures in the heart of ‘Fear State,’ which is going to be the comic event of the fall… And next year, we have one more surprise for you that is going to change the Fox family, and maybe the DC Universe, forever.”

“Fear State” is a horror-themed event that will kick off in August. It features Scarecrow controlling Gotham from behind the scenes and slowly maneuvering the city towards the dystopia of Future State, DC’s initiative from earlier this year that teased a possible future for the DC Universe.

“Future State” featured Tim “Jace” Fox — the estranged second son of Lucius Fox and the brother of Luke Fox, also known as Batwing — assuming the role of Batman after the disappearance and presumed death of Bruce Wayne. While Bruce continued to secretly operate underground to avoid detection by the Magistrate, a shadowy para-military group controlling Gotham, Jace took to the streets alongside members of the Bat Family to fight crime.

The Next Batman: Second Son explored Jace’s origins, revealing that he devoted himself to crimefighting after witnessing his wealthy parents cover up a hit-and-run he committed as a teenager. After learning of further corruption committed by the Fox family, Jace inadvertently stumbled upon a hidden armory at Wayne Enterprises containing a Batman suit.

Jace’s evolution into his own version of the Dark Knight will continue in I Am Batman #0, on sale Aug. 10, by John Ridley with art by Travel Foreman and Norm Rapman. I Am Batman #1 follows on Sept. 14, with a script by Ridley and art by Olivier Coipel.

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