Indie Comics Review: Seven Secrets #11

by Carl Bryan
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Indie Comics Review: Seven Secrets #11

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Boom Studios

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artists:  Daniele Di Nicuolo

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Colors: Walter Baiamonte with Katia Ranalli


Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


“Stop fighting.  It’s not worth dying for.”- Canto

The Order’s secrets are bestowed to Eva and as a result an impossible discovery is made, changing everything in its wake.

Will Eva be able keep this knowledge from Caspar and fight alongside him to escape the Seeker’s ultimate plot?

Stay calm and carry on, as they may just get some help from the Queen of England herself.



Tom Taylor’s writing is diversity driven.  I have never seen them under this particular light as each Seven Secrets issue is simply rich with content and art.  However The Keepers and the Holders address all races as well as all walks of the human experience…hearing impaired…health disparities… you name it.  But each in their own way address the job of Keepers and Holders as paramount.

Taylor drops a bomb on us in this issue.  Literally, he makes us invest in his characters in this book and just as we are looking in a particular direction, he rips the table cloth from under the china.  It’s that kind of shock that makes this literary trick stand apart!

It’s also fraught with some historical references as well.  I love that Taylor has really done his homework.  Writing comics is hard so we seldom realize the research that has to be done for discerning eyes!  Taylor mixes reality with imagination in his kitchen and the main course is something to behold!



Positives 2.0

Daniele Di Nicuolo illustrates Taylor’s Universe perfectly.  Colors dance in the way they should contributing to the dialogue…never detracting.  Sometimes you get a great story, but the art doesn’t compliment all the author is trying to do.  And vice versa as well (See any Neal Adams work).  However, this book is like a science fiction treasure.  All cylinders are firing for a winning combination!



None.  Skip to the next section!  This book is awesome!



It’s Tom Tayjor’s literary world right now and we are living in it.  From his work on Superman Son of Kal-El to Seven Secrets, he is churning out some great story lines.  This issue is page turner.  There is a “fungus among us” with the name of ….. (no spoilers here) buy this issue!


5outof5 DC Comics News

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