News: Rise of the Aquamen Teased on Black Manta #3 Cover

by Lee White
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Rise of the Aquamen, a new Aquaman project is on the way and it looks to be taking the Atlantean world in a new direction.  With the preview of a Black Manta #3 cover showing a banner informing us of a new under-the-sea title.  (see below).  We know little about the story as yet, but from the information available we know the book will be co-written by Brandon Thomas (Aquaman: The Becoming and Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target) and Chuck Brown (Black Manta).

This project should excite Aquaman fans.   We can expect to see a merge of multiple characters from across the current DC books in this upcoming event.   With Arthur Curry off teaming up with Oliver Queen in Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target (A dream team-up for myself), Jackson Hyde being the headline character in Aquaman: The Becoming, and even Black Manta featuring in his own mini-series, Atlantis related characters are occupying a much larger slate in the DC releases than any other time in recent history.  The character has been ridiculed in many forms of media and is finally being taken seriously.  This new take on the character is helping to open up a new host of storytelling opportunities for the character and it’s a great thing to see.

The Rise of the Aquamen announcement indicates that DC is keen to progress with the success they’ve found with the character in recent years. There’s no further information on the project currently and the banner is the only confirmation we have. With the original Aquaman currently celebrating 80 years since his first appearance, surely there’s no better time to push the boundaries and explore new directions for Arthur Curry and Co than now?

We wait with bated breath for some more information.

Source: Games Radar

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