Krasinski to Play Superman

by Lee White
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John Krasinski is a familiar face to the world of film and TV.  Probably most associated by many with his role in The Office as Jim Halpert, the award winning actor intends to become a familiar voice with DC fans.  Krasinski recently announced he will be voicing the Man of Steel in the upcoming League of Super-Pets animated movie.  Krypto the Super-Dog will be introduced as a lead character for the first time since his cartoon series ended back in 2007.  As a result a whole new generation will meet this iconic and beloved comic book character on the big screen.

League of Super-Pets delayed

DC and Warner Bros had the movie scheduled for release earlier this year.  COVID-19 delayed the DC Project and we will now be seeing it released in theatres May 2022.  The film will also feature the voice of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Krypto.  With him already playing the role of Black Adam, Johnson is really diving in the world of DC movies next year.  Krasinski tweeted his thoughts of teaming with Johnson:

Always wanted to do a buddy movie with [Dwayne Johnson], Well, these are the roles we were born to play! (FYI… DJ’s the one with the tongue).

Kevin Hart is also confirmed as voicing Ace the Bat-Hound to join Krypto in his fight against Lex Luthor.

Along with the above tweet, Krasinski also included an image of the Clark Kent he will be lending his voice to.  The costume appears to be a very retro look for the big blue boy scout seemingly taking inspiration from early superman cartoons.

Jared Stern (The Lego Batman Movie) and Sam Levine (Wreck-It Ralph) are directing The League of Super-Pets movie.  This film not only takes a different direction to other DC movies but it also adds to an already exciting release schedule for 2022.  Other DC films include The BatmanThe FlashBlack Adam, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.  2022 looks like its going to be a huge year for DC movies and I can’t wait!

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